Book Review | Dream Job | Ayan Chakraborty


This is the story of every next door Indian boy. This is a ordinary yet extraordinary story. I assure you all will find this book very relatable.

This is the story of Atul, who’s dream is to get placed in big MNC. Like every other boy, he prepares for JEE but couldn’t get into NIT so takes admission in nice private college, studies hard, goes on a manali trip, helps a friend to pay semester fees, falls for a girl, participate in inter college football league, get disappointed in placement but eventually get placed in big MNC with nice package, tries to forget about the girl but eventually get his happy ending with her. Sounds very neat, right? But then how Atul story is different? Or Is he really lucky to get this perfect life?

When we pick a book, we try to read something extraordinary. We look for that fantasy which we can’t get in the real life. But here author has written something very usual. And, it’s nice to read books like this. But, I miss drama and big twist in the storyline. And, the story isn’t something we haven’t read before. The engineering college set up and sequence are very regular, typical to be exact. But despite the obvious bumps what keeps the book afloat is sincerity in it’s messaging.

The narration is easy, presentation is good, language is easy and flowy and mainly this is the story of every boy next door.

Ratings : 3/5

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