Book Review | Amritsar Express | Amrthanshu Barde


This book is like a celebration. Emotional celebration. It’s very humanly and real.

‘Amritsar Express’ is a fashioning modern day romance that is both original and enthralling. One thing that I appreciate most about this book is how completely natural it all seems. The conversations between the characters are presented in the most natural way yet very messaging and charming.
The book is much like a real life – like a documentary. Angad is not the ‘Hero’ hero. He is Angad, human with every emotions.

The book is about life, romance and love. It magnifies little things, paying scrupulous attention to human nature. I like the chemistry between Angad and Manpreet and I love the dynamic between Angad and his friend Ajay.

The book takes it’s own pace and initially one may feel fallout from the storyline but this pace is required to set up the theme of the book but the book keeps surprising till the last page.
The storyline is new but it gets quite predictable soon but the dialogue presentation is amazing. And, the pace of the book feels pretty long for the storyline but keeping it aside I enjoyed this book.

Ratings : 4/5

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