Book Review | Safarnama | Janhavi Bhat


Reading ‘Safarnama’ is like going on a beautiful journey of love and life. The words are very soothing and narration have poetic sensibility in them.

This is the poetry which will make you shy and no matter you have ever been in love before or not this will make you feel loved.

I took time to read this book not because the poem was testing my patience but because I want to let each word absorb within me and maybe also because it’s been long time since I read something like this. For my English reader’s this book is in hindi and few words from urdu.
I felt refreshed after reading hindi after long time.

I will advise you to take your time to read this book. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee/tea, cut out from the world, sit on a comfortable couch and immerse yourself in this book. I haven’t read any Shayari’s previously so I have no idea how it works but I have read lots of poetry book and while reading this book felt rhyme missing in them but as a new author Janhavi Bhat has done great job.

Ratings : 4/5

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