Book Review | A Rogue’s Love Diary | Krish Gangadharan


The love so ferocious that eventually it consumes everything in it’s path. This is the perfect line for this book. This is the story of Chandru and his journey of love to obsession to self destruction.

Firstly, I enjoyed reading this book because it well fed my Bollywood lover soul and ofcourse it’s a easy and engaging book. Here, Chandru is head over heels in love with Devi but due to the incomplete union of them leads Chandru to become manipulative, emotionally distressed mess. And, that’s the part I liked the most and hated the most about the book. Male romantic leads in films thrash within the trope of a passionate, self destructive man, almost immobilized by die heart love they feel for women and this isn’t new. We have read this many time before. Due to this book feels bit overdramatic at times and it feels bit too long but still it’s a effective book.

Author tries to make characters real by making them as vulnerable and flawed as possible but it goes wrong way. It feels stretch and tedious the tangle of misunderstanding and life goes on. This is not a perfect romance but surely not aim to be one. The language is simple and the narrative style is quite gripping.

The storyline isn’t healthy yet it is no denying that this is a brave book. It will make you lose your mind in the complex politics of modern relationship.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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