Book Review | Blood Stilettos | Neelabh Pratap Singh


‘Blood Stilettos’ is chilling, heartwrenching, disturbing and it makes you feel uncomfortable, and perhaps that what author intended to achieve through this edge of the seat thriller.

‘Rashmi Purohit’ is once again out to solve a new mystery. She is headstrong, smart and a major sleuth, making her an optimal role model for young girls. She is the female detective fantasy that we need. I am okay with the fact that she doesn’t have nuances or realism. But Rashmi needs to be believable fantasy.
There’s undeniable thrill in reading her solve the mystery. Rashmi along with her colleague Diksha and Akshya take the case of Eli, a masseuse who goes missing and many suspicious incidents happen after this, which surely couldn’t be coincidental.

It’s well written and author delivers the thrill with same intensity and passion the story needed. ‘Blood Stilettos’ is gut wrenching, stylishly written, passionately characters are developed and most important not at all exploitative.

Ratings : 4/5

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