Book Review | If Life Were Polka Dots | Heer Nimavat


Even simple things can be told in a interesting way. This is what author proves with her poetry book.

Written by a 17 year old, the poems are mature take on life, emotions, nature and relations and it is surprising that the poems was actually written by a teenage.
The sheer simplicity of the poems is so adorable. I savoured the words, enjoyed the simplicity and when I finished reading it, thought to myself that this is what good, contemporary, popular poetry should be like.

Yes, the language is comprehensible and easy. It isn’t too obscure that we get lost in it’s meaning but it is tight collection. Well choosen words, rhythmic and raw.
This debut collection was a fantastic read. Raw, simple, beautiful and heartwarming all mixed into one.

Ratings : 5/5

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