Book Review |The Hidden Letters | Purba Chakraborty


Is love triangle new to our ears? Definitely no. But, can we escape from it? Also, no. Love is many splendor things. It’s messy, flawed, destructive, glorious and magnificently alive and with all this mess we want to fall in love.

This is a story of ‘Anaya’, ‘Nishith’ and ‘Varsha’, Anaya, a perfect middle age women with many roles of successful author, a loving wife and a doting mother. But, Anaya has her own sins too. And, sins never let you sleep. But, what exactly are her sins? What are the hidden letters? What’s written in them?

In all fairness, where this book scores, is the fact that most of us living in urban metro times, we will definitely be able to identify with the three principle characters and what emotional upheaval that this three go through. But, there was the time when I felt the story is stretched and felt confusing though not with the storyline but with the characters and their feelings.

When there’s are two female characters we always have liking more towards one but I don’t know among Varsha and Anaya who I like more. Maybe no one. But, I definitely like Nishith.

The narration is engaging and language is easy and lucid. Overall this one is a emotional rollercoaster ride.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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