Book Review | The Unexpected Leader | Joel Sadhanand

‘Review ‘

You might think it would be difficult to fashion on entertaining account of the life of a CEO of famous coffee chain. But the author ‘Joel Sadhanand’ has done so with ‘The Unexpected Leader’ an epic paean to can do spirit.

The books talks about CEO, office bickering, cut throat politics, detracting egos, wealth, leadership, downfall-upliftment…….the setting makes for a realistic tale.
This is refreshingly different, comfortable in it’s own skin but it feels like the book tries very hard from the start to engage the readers and set up that thrill but still it stumbles. There are loopholes in the book, those who doesn’t understand this kind of genre may feel disconnected with the book. In between reading, it felt like there’s too much happening in the book to swallow in one go. Though this is an important book as it tackles a fresh subject and raises a pertinent query about accelerating corporate and political juggernaut.

This book is a thinking man’s choice of book and will appeal to them for its inspiring storytelling, its worthy execution and realistic characters and portrayal.

Ratings : 3.75/5

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