Book Review | Canvas of a Mind | Purba Chakraborty

‘Review ‘

Author must have gave some thought to the title of the book, ‘Canvas of a mind’. It’s intriguing and perfect for the storyline. As the title suggests this book has all the essence of thriller, psychology, romance, relationship and drama.

This is story of Akashi and Ipsha, sisters who are takes care of each other after the demise of their parents. Their harmonies life turns upside down when they encounter the stalker who really creeps me out while reading. Initial simple build up, comparable to a tame ascent on a steep rollercoaster once the plot kicks in the twist and turns are so fast and furious that you might not even stop to question the plausibility of the narrative. But, the storyline isn’t new. This isn’t something which we haven’t read before but the way author narrates the story is something to look forward to.

‘Purba Chakraborty’ has a gift for vivid characterization, even if some things are underlined a tad too much. She also does a good job with weaving high octane moments around her characters. So you don’t really twig on the plot’s hokeyness to begin with as Akashi and Ipsha encounter the stalker.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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