Book Review | Young, Broke & Educated | Alexander Baima


I like how this book focus on younger people because a lot of finance books are for upper class, middle aged people. This book captures financial zeitgeist of millennial perfectly.

This is very informative and easy to understand. Guide on how to manage your own finance, geared right at my age group.
The author show millennial through techniques that include storytelling, emotional awareness, somatic check ins and down to earth financial practices, author shows you how your money can be an integral vital part of your life. By the end you might even like thinking about money. It tell us about jobs in various sector, taxes, falling economy, cryptocurrency all with statistics, address their concerns about paying off student debt and understand their values. Go from broke millennial to financial savvy adults with personal finance books that finally understand where you’re coming from.

This book has been helpful in making some changes the right way. I would definitely recommend for anyone, considered a ‘millennial’, whether or not you currently struggle with money.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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