Book Review |The Path Of Sukshmaloka | Nihar Bhonsule



“The Path of Sukshmaloka”  is a fantasy fiction book. Intelligent and imaginary in its approach but contemporary in its setting with all invariably Rakshasa, there’s destruction and the world must be saved! Surprisingly here all these happen in the modern world of today. Genius! All these is sensorially overloaded with mysterious, darker forces, evils, modernity, myths and what not. And it’s all worth it. It creates the perfect illusion in the mind of reader and also simultaneously keeping it subtly real to be believable.

The matured writing and impactful twist and turns clearly depicts it’s written be some experienced author and the charm has only increase. The story has all of my favourite ingredients, folktale, mythology, mystery, thrill and of course romance. Author has crafted an excellent tale. The serves up a good twist during the climatic portion too. One that fits perfectly with the theme.
It’s a gripping tale with an interesting plot filled with twist that will make the reader curious. It’s a tale blended with folktale and mystery that will make you think.

The book creates perfect illusion on the mind of reader and also simultaneously keeping it subtly real to be believable. It’s sincere and heartfelt as it gets raw and messy. It’s neat but thrilling. Until the final, it will pierce your heart the way it should. The dialogue and narration boast with lyricism that the story demands. Though the book is one worth reading credits to the heft and sort of quite wisdom.

Ratings : 5/5

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