Book Review | Silent Fires | Poojitha Prasad


Talk about both hair raising and chilling read, it’s the one.

‘Silent Fires’ is the delicious, twisted, witty mystery book. Author of this book while writing the book manages to be both meta and self aware but also satisfyingly old school and one will feel it while reading the book. The characterization and theme setting by the author is so ornate that you want to read the book again to take it all in.

The incredibly well written characters and well developed crime scenes justifying the thrill of the book. Every side characters are also well developed, the big reason why you couldn’t able to put the book down. All the Characters and crime scenes are portrayed in realistic way, nothing seems out of the place. I especially love Ashish and Manav dynamic but I also wish if book had offer more of their bro-code.
Thrilling and adventurous ride the book has it low as well. There will be moments when I had questioned the storyline and found it predictable but I still couldn’t begrudge the book that’s been this engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. And, in the end the book ends with a great satisfaction.

Ratings : 4/5

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