Book Review | Likeness And Reflection | Sakshi Rebecca Nelson


‘Ask him, seek him faithfully.
And he shall renew you!’

Being a religious person, I was often told to have faith. ‘Faith’, one word which is base of everything. It’s my favorite word also. Sakshi Rebecca Nelson’s, ‘Likeness and Reflection’ through it’s poems and prose speaks about faith and its related with Bible. I’m not Christian and I have never read Bible but no matter what religion you follow every religion have a common base – faith. It’s all about faith. I found this book perfect to read in this harsh times of global pandemic and almost everyone is worried about life after it. This book is a gentle reminder to have faith, everything is going to be okay.

This book has answer to all your questions but this isn’t your typical motivational read which tells you about different unbelievable success stories. This one will allow you to seek your own answer. It will allow you to choose your own path because every path is God’s path.
This kind of book are perfect, especially for someone like me, can I never put myself to deduct a star from the ratings as this book is about my favorite word, faith.

Ratings: 5/5

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