Book Review | If I Hadn’t Met You | Shalini Ranjan


‘If I hadn’t met you’ by Shalini Ranjan is light, sweet romance with heavy dose of thrill and angst. The characters are likeable, endearing and adorable together. Tisha and Rudra romance is hot and angsty, so of course, I loved every minute of it.
I don’t usually enjoy romantic thriller, but this one isn’t mushy or gag reflex inducing. It’s kind of story that makes you feel good while reading it and puts a smile on your face at the end. I laughed, teared up and fell in love with Rudra.
What I didn’t like about the book is the execution of story, it’s quite filmy, nothing new but the way characters are developed compensate for it.

It you are a romantic thriller fan, this one’s for you!

Ratings : 4/5

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