Book Review | NIGHT WATCHMAN PVT LTD | Naveen Kundra


Mysterious storytelling and unexpected twist and turns kept me on the hook to the story.
The best part of the book is description, the heavily oppressive setting. I personally thought these characters has a lot of emotions and are beautifully described. Author has created a layered narrative. It’s fun to read but not with the easiness. It will make you think and guess and definitely will keep you on hook. Unfortunately I found my disappointment in the thrill and the predictable nature of the book.

Well, it’s beautifully written, gripping tale with an interesting plot filled with twist and turns that will make readers curious. It’s well paced book, with easy language, commendable and gripping storyline which dials up the tension inside you but also leads you towards right way. I so wish if I had read it in a paperback version, I would have finished it in one sitting.

Ratings : 4/5

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