Book Review | The Sinful Silence | Abir Mukherjee


I have been so excited to read this book even before this book has been published. I loved the first part, “Sin is the new love”. Though the book was a thriller but I love the romantic part of the book. Ahi and Abhimanyu chemistry is so …ummm…savoury and angsty. First part ended with a cliffhanger so you can guess how much I have waited to read second part.

I have read ‘The Sinful Silence’ in a day, I could finish it in one sitting if my stomach and bladder would have allowed. And, much to my delight author has given me one more hero, ‘Vayu Iyer’ for fangirling but Abhimanyu is forever favorite no matter Vayu is perfectly dressed and topnotch cop unlike Abhimanyu who have no care about his ripped jeans, crumpled shirt and undone hair but constantly Ahi in his mind and his intense desire for her. He is a true hero.

Coming to story, the book didn’t start where it ends, the Ahi and Abhimanyu fans will be very disappointed in author but he will give you some hope in the last page and lots and lots of emotions to deal with and a big high profile case of ‘Shanya Mehta’ murder mystery to solve. Though the pattern of case solving is similar as in the first book and that’s not a bad thing. After the wait of first book and now second book too, really looking forward to the upcoming book to see Abhimanyu and Ahi happing ending. Also, have author ever thought of writing romance book. He will rock.

After this fangirl thoughts, I must must recommend you all to read this book.

Ratings : 5/5

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