Book Review | Dead Survivor | Neelabh Pratap Singh


Our ferocious Rashmi Purohit is back, this time stronger than before and braver than ever.
Rashmi Purohit here is not just solving the mystery, she is fighting the inherent patriarchy of the society. One thing, I like most about ‘Rashmi Purohit mystery’ series, that these are written around women, showing how strong women can be, by a male author. In this book, besides Rashmi we have one more strong women ‘Tina kalra’, a rape survivor and motivational coach. Her and story reminds me these amazing words by Oprah Winfrey; “You see there really is no darker secret than sexual abuse”. But, when was this society humble to women? And, after 8 years Tina was murdered. Enters our PI Rashmi.

This one like previous two book is also Rashmi’s book, revolves around her but the story would be more crisp if author had describe more about the other characters not from the Rashmi’s team. The storyline is good but nothing new, we have many books and movies with similar storyline but author has added his own touch to it.

Ratings : 4/5

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