Book Review | Sacrifice | Ameya Kale


“Sacrifice” by Ameya Kale is a fantasy fiction book. Intelligent and imaginary in it’s approach but contemporary in it’s setting with all invariably secrets of mankind, destruction and the world must be saved!

Virologist and toxicologist, Henry Ashford takes a break and that’s when Henry’s life turns upside down and the story kicks off. There’s so much happening in the book which is very hard to point out in a few words review without spoiler. Whole book is sensorially overloaded with science, imagination, hope and ambitions. The book has layers and so many things happening to keep reader’s hook. It’s quite an experience filled with adventure, hope, thrill and imagination. Sadly, it’s also derivative and convoluted. The storyline is nothing new, we have read this before in other fantasy and dystopian books.

One thing where book does good job is in the description, it’s heavily oppressive setting and it’s characters. I personally thought these characters has lot of emotions and are described beautifully.

Ameya’s writing style is good but the genre of the book requires more matured writing. To conclude in a line, “the book is a laudable one!”

Ratings : 3.5/5

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