Book Review | The GPS Paradigm | Nitin Potdar


Its an amazing book! I love it inspiring stories, step by step ideas, strategies and how author has tried best to simplify the concept via stories, examples, tools, charts, techniques etc.

The best thing about this book is, unlike many business books it was written in a story form. This makes it more reliable. Here author has shares some real examples of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Softbank and my personal favorite Netflix. From startups to other big ventures. As I proceed with the book I kept googling the about all these stuff and this made me dive more into the book and business life. And, I found this book so realistic. It don’t give you that false illusion of great businessman’s life with lots of money and all. It’s written in honest way, giving both fair share of success and failure.

Author has stripped everything down to the core of basic principle to uprade yourself professionally. I find this book not only great for advice, techniques and analogues stories to help reinforce the approach, but it is an inspirational book that dares you to challenge everything and rationalize validation that your vision is viable and scalable.

Truly informative and interesting, it made lots of excellent points by telling different stories with some amazing ideas to help you unlock our abilities and inspire us to do better.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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