Book Review | Of The Heart And Soul: A Mellifluous Whisper | Piyali Mitra


Writing this poems must have been some kind of work and demonstrates the true capabilities of Piyali Mitra. Each poem express different emotions with love, passion, letter to nature, determination, voice against racism, women’s right, pain and all this come together to show the luster of this beautiful book. But she doesn’t makes it easy to sing these poems as many poems lacks the rhyme and rythm and if others have they don’t touch.

There’s definitely some good thoughts author has invest in the book but somehow the poems fails to engage. The words are chosen wisely but didn’t justifies the beauty of poetic sensibility. Some poems are melodious with rhymes and rhythm which will flirt with your heart but there are also some which will feel like mere ensemble of great literary words.

Final words, the poems are true to preface with love, romanticism, beauty, spirituality and determination and how the simple things can be told in a beautiful way.

Ratings : 3/5

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