Book Review | Silent Pretty Things | O.J. Lovaz


If you enjoy mystery then you must read “Silent Pretty Things”. It’s a well crafted book.

Okay, how do I start this? Let’s begin it with I was left….stunned! Just just stunned. My feelings were all over the place with this one. Author knows how to write a thriller. I love how descriptive this book was and the characterization was just amazing. ‘Anna Goddard’ is worth all the praise. She has a lot more emotions and determination. And, she seems serious all the time, which is very attractive.

The pacing, characters, the overall plot everything was perfection. Nothing seems out of the place. However the most amazing thing for me was the writing style. So much eloquence and beauty without ever being over the top. The writing style was very atmospheric and enjoyable to read. It matched the genre perfectly.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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