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“Review “

This one is funny and witty yet relatable. Author of this book is chartered accountant by profession and make use of it greatly by delivering us a audit of Hell and Heaven. Oh yes! You read it right. And wow! how amazing that audit went. Truly marvelous. While reading that particular story you would understand that we all are same. And, if you are a CA, then this story is all yours.

As the name suggest, there’s three stories in the book and I like two out of three, I one which I least like is because the conversational tone could sometimes be too conversational and so it sometimes felt more casual like a blog post rather than a book. But, I like themes and messages and I didn’t feel like any strong stances were really taken about anything. Overall the stories were entertaining and hilarious.

I applaud the author for writing this book in Hindi. I love the language. It’s my own but English is taking over especially when it’s comes to reading. Not that, I’m disappointed but I like both the language equally, I grew up with both and I wish to read more Hindi literature as much as I read English. Hoping author will write more books with same or more humour and in Hindi.

Ratings :4/5

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