Book Review | Kunti | Koral Dasgupta


When you hear about Kunti what’s the first thing come to your mind? For me, Kunti is the mother of Pandava and someone who abandoned her own child. All we know about Kunti is her moving story about parenting and what it takes to rise children as a single mother. But, who is Kunti? In Koral’s version of retelling of her it feels like she has made real Kunti stand up. A ferocious women, seeker of knowledge who is daughter, student, sister, lover, wife and ofcourse a mother. But one thing Kunti really is, a natural nurturer. Koral tells us about Kunti’s early ascepts of life, how she get the boon by tough rishi Durvasa, her dynamics with Surya, giving birth to Karna, love for Indra marriage with Pandu and giving birth to her children’s.

Someone like me who has a soft corner of Karna, has always hold it againt Kunti as she has abandoned her own child. But, Koral amazingly justifies her by portraying she hasn’t really abandoned him but left him in the care of his father and she always keeps update of his wellbeing. I absolutely love Kunti’s interaction with Suryadev. I can definitely say, I like them more than Kunti and Indradev.

Koral writes with deep poetic sensibility. Her language is rich in vocabulary and literary quality. The way she describes everything is brilliant and indulgent. The way she has describe Kunti is gloriously feminine yet ferocious as someone who clearly knows what’s good for her and can take action for herself. I absolutely love how she makes a match of her husband and Madri truly justifying Rishi Durvasa teaching, “keep on touch what you believe is really yours and discard the rest”. I would have like to read little bit of more insight of Kunti’s matriarchal experiences but also kunti is a fascinating character impossible to box.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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