Book Review | Eye Am In Denial And Other Funny Stories | Anu Anniah


The beauty of “Eye Am In Denial And Other Funny Stories” is everyone will find a bit of themselves in it. It’s about the little things of life. It makes us appreciate the small things in life.
Day to day life can be bit mundane from time to time. The boring old routine of wake up, work, home, binge watching Netflix, sleep, repeat can really get you down sometimes. However that is why it is so important to find and cherish the little moments of hilarity where you can. And, that’s where come this book. Anu Anniah highlights actual funny things that happen in our life.

From baking bread, spending hours in bathroom, dealing with children accusations, everyday struggle of waking up early, light hearted banter with mother in law to importance of maids. In this 25 funny stories book Anu shows how our itself life washes down the stress of it. The writing is simple and lighthearted. The way each story is narrated is well crafted. Though some chapters are left without laughter but everyone pass with a smile.

Ratings : 4/5

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