Book Review | Raging Heartland | Neelabh Pratap Singh


“Raging Heartlands” by Neelabh Pratap Singh Is the first book in the “A Heartland Thriller”. I’ve read 3 books by Neelabh and this one is near the top of the list for me. From the characters to the setting and the plot to the tone, it’s an intriguing and the immersive read. It started out a bit slow for me as the scene was being set, but once Diya and sub inspector Dev Kaushal starts their investigation it took off in quick force. I can happily say that I had potential guess and I was correct (which doesn’t always happen).

The fascinating and repelling thing about Raging Heartland is the macabre connection between love and death, especially when death is caused by murder. And, murder is the last thing we think of when me meet Diya, a demure girl. The stories share much in common with other murder mysteries. We may also find influences of other mysterious book but surely Neelabh’s story is Indian one. His characters are extremely believable and rooted in a milieu brought alive by acutely observe details – the authentic village and farm field vibes.

Ratings : 4/5

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