Book Review | Murdrum | Sohil Makwana


Murdrum is rather impressive, head scratching murder mystery. It is a good pace book, author waste no time in getting things started and we were immediately thrust into the cat and mouse game with a potential detective intern Komal. She is a fascinating character. She is ambitious, smart and powerful. She is sullen and skimming and wants nothing but the truth.

Author has played with plenty of layers be it’s mechanical tone, use of forensic knowledge as a core of story, sketching a serial killer and a impressive brave character like Komal. What keeps the story alive are the many terms of the screw, the depth and complexity, nothing is what seems and the battle of truth all these will keep you gripped.
The description and its heavily oppressive setting adds to the suspense and atleast in few places you will hold your breath because author knows how to craft tension. Characters and story set up drives the book with secrets to be revealed along the way but unfortunately it won’t. Wait till the next book.

Author Sohil is an innate story teller and can keep things moving but this kind of book is pretty heavy for me.

Ratings : 4/5

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