When parents start getting old

My father is almost always in action. He almost never rest. He don’t like to sit. I have never seen him sitting and absolutely doing nothing. He likes to keep himself busy and doing work like which we three siblings most of the time consider useless. He loves his work and getting up early at morning, getting ready and going to work, coming home then helping my mother in household chores or changing bulbs or doing calculations of budget, time, management. His calf are very toned due to long standing and constant movement. As far as my memory goes I have seen him going to work and coming from work or planning and managing our life and household. Despite his too much working he never panic. I have never seen him cry not even when his mother died. My uncle told me he cried when his father died and at that time he was inconsolable. I was very little to have any memory of it.

Sometimes we feel like he works way too much and express very little. He is excellent in keeping himself busy 365 days a year. I never got how can someone have a Sunday routine and that too very busy. Sundays are to break the monotony, right? But, he has carefully built routine for it as well. He has this sense of dissatisfaction if he couldn’t complete his self assigned task for the day. Our biggest pleasure of Sunday is when he takes afternoon nap. Lately, his afternoon nap on Sunday has became a routine. He has started siting down between his self assigned household work. His knees has started betrayed him now a days. They pain and hinder his routine. He has started taking long breaks now. Now, when our mission of making him rest is accomplished we are not liking it. His slumped shoulders when he sit, his shrinking body, his tired eyes as he sighs. It frightens me that the head of my family being fragile but the very next instant, he cheer up noticing us.

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