Before Proposal #furnaaz

How comforting can be words? Words are world most powerful equipment. It is the most powerful healer as well most dangerous weapon. Words has brought us together and it has drifted us apart many time but words itself is bringing us together for forever. Our story is very millennial. We met through a online group of shayar and readers. I write and he reads, simple. But, really is it that simple?. He was far away from home, on the ship in white shirt and white pant with badges on his shoulder. Everything has been blue for him since many months and the blue has grew on him and made him bitter but with a heart of innocent child. My words and comfort grew like a sweetness on him and replace his bitterness with comfort and love. We had our fair share of fights and arguments and what’s the amusement of relationship without it and our long chats and lengthy calls and it has added perfect tadka in our relationship. My loyalty, humour and care has turned his heart and made him propose to me.

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