Last year of graduation life

More than half of our journey is over and now we got only few more months or rather say a year. We are standing at the cross path now, it’s up to us what we have to take with us “memory of maximum number of friends” or “memory of maximum number of enemies”.

Yesterday when I was talking to my little sister and complaining about a girl I don’t like in my college and now I want to move away from her she replied me very shockingly “Now! Really. Now your are talking about all these nonsense when the end is near”. This sentence of her moved me so much that I was dumbfounded. That day I sit down and wrote about all the good things I did here and all the things that I can improve or better say how much more I can live my college life.

One thing I learn from post school life is, No matter how much we claim about the friendship and people we are going to be in contact with, we are only left few of them with us.

Believe me post school life, now I’m in contact with people who I never thought I would be and people who was in my list of “we are going to be friends forever” we hardly text each other.

The only thing that is left with us is “memory”.

Now we only got a year, I know many of you would say we also have 6 months internship but that time we will be more focused on “what will we do after college”.

This year or say few months is up to us how we live. Don’t think “it’s only one year now, I don’t want to talk to her or what I have to do with her. We will probably have no contact after college or I don’t want to be in contact with her after future” you will only fall in front of your eyes in years ahead.

I am not saying we are going to be in contact with everyone we expect but it’s up to us what we want to have in bag with us happiness or guilt in future.

There are many friends who was your one of the closest from first month of college but now you don’t talk to that person. Believe me you are only going to miss that person.

Last month I read a book “Tuesday with Morrie” and I learn so many things from that one but my favourite is “In the end only love matters and nobody wants to die with guilt.”

Talk to everyone, help others to be friends, be a friend fairy, laugh with everyone, sit with everyone, respect everyone and make good times with everyone.

After all this isn’t a Dharma film and we are no Abhimanyu or Rohan or Rahul or Anjali. We are just you and me. After all we are batch mates Yaar😂

Say sorry to the person you did wrong with.

Say thank you to all the people who ever helped you.

Talk to everyone because you never know who is going to cross your path in future.

Smile more, live more.

Be happy and spread happiness. You are justice to only yourself no others.💖

Dedicated to all the batch mates and all college students 😘

Cheryl realises her mistake. Now it’s our time to realise it!