Book Review | Beyond Our Melancholy| Zeba Ali

Author :- Zeba Ali

Length :- 200 pages

Format :- paperback

Genre. :- Spiritual Romance

“Book description”

“Dream Catcher. It catches your bad dreams. But Fazal Bashir never wanted one.
Tasted the fruits of success quite early for his age, the billionaire Fazal Bashir is intrigued by the veiled lady of his dreams, who always begs for his help to save her. As it is proved, people close to God are tested; likewise, a new problem is waiting for Fazal which will force him to look into his past.
Beyond Our Melancholy is a young adult spiritual romance novel, a story which puts you on thinking about life and its intricacies.”


“Beyond our melancholy” is a spiritual romance that celebrates the culture and traditions of Islam in a beautiful way. The book wonderfully symbolises “faith always win” and “we are all mere characters in the hand of that divine, our playwright”.

The book tells the story of Zinia and Fazal who are childhood neighbors, bound by marriage as per their parents wishes but against Fazal desires. Fate separates them for seven long years and in that many drastic changes happen. The bubbly Zinia becomes a calm, simple introvert with no hope and Fazal makes his way in the tough world of business and becomes The Fazal Bashir.
After seven years both Zinia and Fazal are battered by guilt and lather in grief but connected by faith.
The first half of book appears promising with all the Zinia mysterious past, it’s haunting memories and Fazal overburdened guilt and nightmares.
Admirable writing of author clearly shows the earnestness, passion and the studious gaze she turn on faith.
As the story unfolds (which is too soon) the pages feels like coercive add on to the story.
The Story wants to be too many things, there’s a running subplot involving the mental trauma and stigma of sexual assaults survivor and how Protogonist deals with it. The author also bung in paparazzi drama a elite wife has to faced.
The story is overwrought but undercooked and tonality inconsistent.

The second half of book is so much stuffed that it little makes the impact including Zinia and Fazal romance. The story strain to be suspensful and poignant but it doesn’t get that and readers can clearly feel it.

I wrestled for a while about what rating to give this book, wish I could give 3 stars but settled on 4. The one added star to the poetic sensibility of Quran verses and unquestionable faith which won my heart.

Ratings :- 4/5

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