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When my Instagram feed showed me ‘SouganDilli’ picture, I found the book cover really attractive. Then after visiting the authors profile I got to know that author is Iranian and this made me really excited as I always wants to visit Iran, actually whole world. Know everything bug inside me made me really curious to know the author and also about her book.

My reason for excited is not only the book nerd inside me but also the curious girl who wants to know the people of different country, culture and ethnicity. In a hurry to feed my curiosity I DM Sougand that I want to interview her for my blog. And guess what, she said yes! How, humble she is. So, here’s the answer to the questions I DM her.

Also, none answer is edited for the sake of blog. Every answer is copy-pasted of her answer.

1) Tell us about yourself.

➡️This is Sougand Akbarian from Iran. I am the bestseller translator of Indian literature in Iran and debut author in India by SouganDilli.

2) What made you write your debut book?

➡️Actually, after my first India travel and reading different love stories especially from Indian literature, I thought with myself why I should not write my own story. My life and love story in India and especially in Dilli (Delhi) and let all know my feelings towards Incredible India and Dilli. Before that let me say, Dilli is the British English pronunciation of Delhi during the Raj. So, I decided to write SouganD life and story at Delhi (Dilli) through SouganDilli. And from here I get the chance to say thanks to my dear Indian awesome publisher, Mr. Chandra Kant Jaisansaria or my CK bhai ji from Damick Publications that by my first sample chapters, he trusted me and made my dream come true as SouganDilli.

3) Your book title clearly shows your love for Delhi. What you love most about it?

➡️Delhi is Duniya (world) to me and a world has everything. Delhi is the mixture of different languages, cultures, religions, foods, styles, and everything that all lives together peacefully and that is the beauty of Delhi which made me fall in love with this city.

4) Do you miss Iran?

➡️Iran is my motherland, so obviously whenever I get far from my soil, I will miss my beautiful Iran.

5) You are an Iranian Translator. What you love most about your job?

➡️I believe a translator is a traveler of countries and cultures and a translator is an invisible wing of cultural communication. So as you got, I love to go beyond the man-made borders and let people come to know about different cultures in different and even their own languages and feel and understand them.

6) who’s your first reader? And who are your biggest critics?

➡️The answer to both questions is my God on the earth, my best friend, my dear mother. She is the reason and inspiration behind my career and all the credits go to her whether as a translator or an author. Because she always wants to see the best I do and from here I get this chance to say thanks to my mom, because of you, I am here now.

7) where do you see yourself in next 5 years in life?

➡️That is a good question. I hope I can see myself in a place that most of my dreams and wishes come true as a translator and an author and by my career, I hope I can be at least a small inspiration for some people and be a small change in their lives, that means a lot to me.

8) Who’s your ideal/ inspiration in life?

➡️Just one and only lady, my mom. Because she always teaching me, I should be as strong as a girl.

9) You are so beautiful! What’s yours beauty secrets?

➡️All girls are beautiful because God created all the girls like that, but thanks for your compliment. Undoublty the first reason is my mom, and then you should be happy, strong, love yourself, and take care of yourself. Each girl is beautiful in their own way with any skin color.

10)Time for quick fire round.


a) Do you love reading?

➡️ Yes.

b) what you enjoy more between reading and writing?


c) Favourite author?

➡️Ravinder Singh

d) Favourite place to visit?


e) Favourite food?


f) favourite movie?

➡️Dil Bechara & Masaan

Thank you for your precious time Sougand. And most importantly thank you for replying my DM on Instagram!

I wish you best of everything for your future endeavours!

Guys you can buy her book here,

SouganDilli Amazon Link:

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