Book Review | Conflictus | Kristen Dovnik


Reading ‘Conflictus’ is quite an experience and it’s from the very start of the book that its sheer, magical palette overwhelms us.
And, we are immediately aware that we are witnessing a dream. Real life, as we ingloriously witness after putting this book down, never looked this good.

Fantasy are magnified an awesome extent, every sequence coordinated to the hilt. A sweeping, breathless, gloriously overblow adventure yarn filled with marketable ingredients, from rip roaring thriller scenes, big hearted romance to cliff hanging suspense.

The plot is simple as can be : Kyra, the magnificent princess of light has to fought with the prince of dark. The book most quietly moving moment is when Kyra falls for her friend’s boyfriend.
The best part of the book is description, the heavily oppressive setting. I personally thought these characters has lot of emotions and are beautifully described.

Overall with the beautifully crafted storyline, well developed characters, gripping writing style and engaging and crisp narration, it’s an interesting book with many secrets.

Ratings : 4/5

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