Book Review | Consciousness | Dr T.D. Singh


Firstly, if I didn’t got this book as a review copy I would have never probably picked it up.
In this book author evoke us about consciousness, it’s evolutionary stage, how quantum mechanics deals with it and it’s relation with vedanta but it doesn’t actually tell us how to fully blown the consciousness.
Reading this book is like reading thesis of author, ‘Dr T.D. Singh’ and reading thesis can be quite boring especially when it’s not your topic of interest. Here author tell us great deal of consciousness bit not exactly dealing us how to be aware of it. This one is more scientific than spiritual, more research work than narration.

However, I commend ‘Dr T.D. Singh’ for writing this book and for all teh hard work he has put to get scientific and vedantic perspectives of conciousness. Recommended this book to anyone.

Rating : 3/5

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