Always been you | Book Review | Kindle book

“Always been you” is absolutely the perfect recipe for a phenomenal romance story, down to last details.

The book tells the story of Ashwin, Mahi and Lucky. The intelligent, calm, reserved, responsible Ashwin was always in love with Mahi but fights for his feelings as Mahi is his brother Lucky’s best friend and he believes Mahi has a feeling for him.
Mahi, the sweet, bubbly, happy girl always has undescribable attraction for Ashwin which she gets familiar when Ashwin confessess to her.
Lucky, the charming young man, best friend of Mahi craves for someone constant in his life.

The story is told in alternating point of view, Ashwin and Mahi. I always love this kind of storytelling because you get insights from both the sides. I felt bad for Ashwin how he works hard to pay off debt and can’t be at home so he didn’t have to face Mahi with Lucky. No worries, though things wrap up nicely.

The characters were developed nicely. The friends and family are written well and in realistic manner. I love Mahi- Lucky, Mahi- Nina, Ashwin-Sriram bond. The book also gives us friendship goals.

Author does a great job in describing the angst, attraction, romance between Ashwin and Mahi. I just wish that Lucky character also ended with his forever. I was hoping something between him and Nina.

All in all, great story, drama, epic love, amazing characters. Total thumb’s up.
Recommendation- read it.

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