Book Review | Love In Lockdown | Ratna Chandu

“Book Description”

Corona has brought the whole world to a standstill. But it wasn’t able to stop two hearts beating as one without even them knowing.
They are complete opposites.
He’s a free spirited Indian-American who has visited India in the name of soul search and is stuck here when the whole world is coping with the pandemic.
She’s a dedicated nurse in a hospital who puts her profession in front of everything, including her shortly away marriage.
But then opposites do attract as well.
When the deadly virus brings them together and he has to quarantine himself, she enters in to his life as a riot of colors.
But could they afford to get close to each other? Given the fact he practically shags every woman he comes across, now that he couldn’t even touch her? Or that she has already been engaged?
Buckle yourself with ‘Love in Lockdown,’ a romantic comedy, at the same instant, horrifyingly real that one can relate to every single event in the past few months our country has been living through.


“As the people across the country connected in tiny thread, we, two tiny hearts connected in our own thread”.
Set in Hyderabad, “Love in Lockdown” is exactly what we need in this pandemic period. Author Ratna Chandu create a love story in this scaring times of Covid 19 which also turns out to be a subversive commentary on horrifying misbehaviour of people with health care staff, spat at doctors and nurses and alarming Tablighi jamaat carelessness. It’s clever.
This is the story of ‘Gautam’, a goofy, good natured, infamous playboy from Alaska and ‘Amrutha’, an ambitious, diligent and driven girl from Hyderabad.
Gautam and Amrutha bound by destiny, spend time together and discover the ‘Virgin Love.’ Love so pure and strong which needs time to develop. I love this type of romance.

The whole book is the journey within and with the romance in Covid 19 times, as romance nurtures between two soul. It’s an beautiful attempt to entertain with wonderful story and sensitising people to alarming misbehaviour of people in this pandemic where togetherness and support is all we need.

Ratings :- 4/5

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