Author Interview | Piyush Goel | Mirror Image Writer

Piyush Goel popularly known as “Mirror Image Man” by media is an Author, recipient of Holder Republic Award and world record holder for “world first hand write needle book ‘Madhushala’ by ‘Harivansh Rai Bachchan in mirror image. Piyush has written several books in mirror image including Bhagavad-Gita, Sundara Kanda from Ramcharitmanas, Sai Satcharitra, Durga Saptashati, Meri Ikyavan Kavitayein by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India.

He also wrote the world first Bhagavad-Gita in mirror image style reportedly by Hindustan times.

In a candid conversation Piyush Goel talks about his journey, writings, mirror image books and his book “Sochana toh Padega hi”.

. Hello sir, it’s a pleasure to interview you. Tell us about yourself.

I was born on 10th Feb,1967 in the lap of Mother Ravi Kanta and Father Dr. D.K. Goel. I have always believe in new Creation and Imagination. I’m a mechanical engineer, motivator, cartoonist, local cricket umpire, mirror image writer. I have the experience of more than 25 years in various companies. My three mathematics papers published in International Research Journal. In mirror image style has written 16 Books during 2003 to 2015. Some of the books are Shreemadbhagwad-Gita, Madhushala, Gitanjali, Chankaya Niti, Shree Sai Satcharitra, Shree Durga Kavach (Sankrit Language), Panchtantra and Piyush Vaani with different objects like pen, needle, mehandi cone, carbon Paper, iron nail, wooden pen and fabric cone liner.

. What made you write this book “Sochana toh Padega hi” ?

I have always been passionate about Mathematics therefore have done a lot works in Maths. I aspire that one day all the works that l have done or will do, recieve proper platform by the medium of books. In 2010 my first book “Ganith Ek Adhyan”got published then Easy Spelling then 3rd was ” Piyush Vaani and ” Sochna to Padega Hi” is my 4th Book . My first book “Ganith Ek Adhyan” is all about mathematical formula, theorem based on the research of my own, 2nd ” Easy Spelling” constitutes some ways for learning English vocabulary easily, 3rd ” Piyush Vaani”in this book you will find my thoughts in Hindi and English, 4th ” Sochna to Padega Hi” which was published on 10 Feb 2020, has 110 thoughts which are basically my ideas and thoughts to motivate people to think.

. What made you a mirror image writer?

In 2000 I met with an accident I underwent 10 operations and on bed rest for around 9 months. I faced depression in 2003. One day one of my friend offered me Bhagwad Gita and asked me to read it completely(18 chapters,700 verses) after reading Gita I overcome the depression. Coincidentally there was ” Bhagwad Katha” was going on near my house and I used to go there two times a day on the last day while I was standing to collect Prasad all of a sudden a wavelength struck into my mind “why don’t I write Bhagwad Gita in Mirror Image. That,s how it all began.”

. Who you dedicate your success to?

I would like to dedicate my success to my parents, to my family, well wishers and My Nation ” India”.

. You have written 16 books in mirror image format, that’s really big things. What inspires you constantly?

Being a medium to inspire others, inspires me. I am an ordinary man with a little bit of knowledge. I just want to pass it on through my exhibition & books etc.

. Who is your first reader? And who’s your biggest critics?

My first reader is always my daughter. She gave me her opinion honestly. And my biggest critics, I would say, are my friends. They too have inspired me and I would conclude it as ” Critics always motivate me to do something Extraordinary”.

. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I am here to do my part . I believe in working hard and not giving up and as of now I do not have a plan as such but I believe in God’s plan.

. Who’s your ideal/inspiration in life?

My ideals are my parents, Subash Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda,Prem Chand, Abdul Kalam Saheb and Ramanujan.

. Man like you is the great inspiration for young generation. What’s your words of wisdom for us?

Always respect your elders, your Gurus, be Smart and consistent towards your work. Be Target oriented and try to full fill your dreams in the honest way.

. Time for quick fire round. Ready?

➡️Do you like reading?

Yes. I love reading. Mostly biographies and autobiographies.

➡️What do you like more between reading and writing?

Reading. It motivates me.

➡️ Favourite Author?


➡️ Favourite place to visit?

The place where I find peace, Muzaffarnagar, U.P. As I was brought up there.

➡️ Favourite food?

Rice. Especially pulao with curd and achar.

➡️ Favourite movies?

Sholay, all time favourite.


Thank you for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for your future ventures!

Buy the book and get motivated. One quote a day, all the success your way!

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