Book Review | Paradox | Arya Narrayan


▶️Pandemic, quarantine, lockdown. Now add thrill, drama, science fiction, masked man, grey alien to the mix. Sounds interesting, right!
📖Paradox by Arya Narrayan is exactly such book. This is the book we need current situation. While some of creation adopt an ‘infotainment’ tone and are aimed at generating awareness about pandemic and related do’s and don’t. Other side attempt to find the fictional world of science and technology under the deadly A virus, portrayed with a dose of quirky humour.
▶️Idea of grey alien visits the earth in December 2025—five years after the initial outbreak—claiming that it has the concrete cure for A-virus and spicing up it with NASA, sci-fi, tools and forces is genius.
The matured writing and impactful twist and turn clearly depicts it was written by some die hard science lover and the charm had only increase. The complain I have with the book that it lacks emotional quotient but the creativity made up for that and it keeps readers engaging.
💞All in all, great story, informative, drama, science thrill, amazing characters. Total thumbs up.


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Ratings :- 4/5

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