Book Review | The girl who got labelled | Abhishek Vichare


As someone who judge the book by it’s cover and title I thought this one is going to be another old school victim story. Though the main protagonist turns out to be a victim but she is more strong and determined than the women’s of that time.

This is the story of Anupama Banerjee, a math genius, born to an Indian father and British mother. After the sad demise of her mother Anupama was raised by her father. When she turns 10 he decide to send her off to England with her British grandmother to start a new and better life there and also to bring glory to the legacy of her mathematician mother. Something which she will never be able to do in India. This is where the story start in 1960s and the story time travels with Anupama life.

What I liked about this book is how author has showed England in a very normal way. No hard racism or bad things shown which we normally read or watch in same theme books and movies. Here Anupama meets both kind of people good and bad. Though bad luck never leaves her but this bad luck is stays only in her relationship matter. Anupama achieve glorious success in her mathematics career and build a name for herself.
Storyline is engaging but I didn’t like the characterization. I didn’t like the characters especially Anupama. She is the victim of her own bad decisions and impulsive actions. Also as the story go ahead it felts like something later add on or thought to complete the story.

But despite the obvious bumps it’s a must one time read. It also made me think if Anupama life was portrayed in India in that time how many fingers are going to point on her? Maybe that’s why her father must have thought it was better for her to live in England without the fear of society judgement.

Ratings :- 3.5/5

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