Book Review | Invisible Ties | Nadya AR


First of all, a big wow reaction to the beautiful book cover.
The plot mordern in its approach and contemporary in its setting, hopscotches between Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and London. The story revolves around a smart and free spirited girl Noor who grown up in the shadow of her traditional and overprotective mother, Daisy and army of maids. Luckily Noor don’t take any of Daisy’s traits and grown up as a free spirit women. Daisy always insist that Noor must be proper in every way and marry a suitable boy and leave Pakistan, which successfully happens, enter Meekaal. A banker with a strong background who earns big numbers in Singapore and lives with his sick mother. After marriage Noor moves to Singapore and get trapped in the loveless marriage but its the Singapore which change things for Noor and make her bold, free spirit, smart and takes her to her passion and eventually she finds herself.
‘Invisible Ties ‘ is stuffed with plot, passion, conflict, faith and endless push and pull between tradition and modernity, love and duty and above all, family.
The tumultuous story is brought to life by a busload of description and philosiphically rich narrative style of author. But it’s a lot. There’s too much description and despite this detailing there’s lack of characters proper protayal of emotions and fragility.

The narrative style and language is too good. The storyline is interesting and perfectly depicts the arrange marriage setting but the book lacks that moving emotional quotient. I would have much appreciated this book of author has given more space to Meekaal and Noor’s chemistry.

Above all, it’s and honest raw look at long road of finding yourself after the loss and displacement.

Ratings : 4/5

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