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What did I just read? Believe me, I needed a day to cope up, to collect my thoughts, to come to a conclusion after finishing the book to write the review.

Fore mostly, I really appreciate author to write something like this. But, the thing is if you have watched Inception before you won’t find the plot particularly original or inventive and if you’re a Christopher Nolan fan like me you will find this book more like a Bollywood version of his movies.

The story of the book can’t be told in few sentences or without spoiler. So here’s my attempt, the book start marvellously with explaining brainwave and its frequency and proceed to tell us the interwoven story of Priya, Ananth Krishna, Diya and Ramakrishna. But only Ananth Krishna and Diya characters did justice to the plot. They are actually going into the dream, walking, talking or spoiler alert goes to different dimension.
Priya and Ramakrishna characters according to me only adds spice to the storyline with setting up typical sci-fi scenes of laboratory, secrecy, stalking and investigation.

The first half of the book is too engaging it will keep reader’s hook but as the book story unfolds the disappointment start coming as you would have build your expectations way to high but despite this you won’t be able to put the book down.

Overall, with the beautifully crafted storyline, well developed characters, gripping writing style, engaging and crisp narration, it’s an interesting book to keep you amaze.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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