Book Review | The Miraculous Discovery In The Woods | Kuntula Bhattacharya


I started this book thinking this is going to be a story of great courage, marvelous adventure and beautiful ambition but the book surprised me by being the humble story of humanity, love and sacrifices.

Too attractive title, ‘The Miraculous Discovery In The Woods’ is the story of ambitious, strong minded girl Amanda, who leave her well secured job to pursue her literary adventures. Though reluctant at first yet Amanda’s parents support her by giving her the unread documents of her grandparents, who vanished mysteriously from their lives. And, that’s where the story start. Amanda start reading the journal and get to know about her grandparents and their young lives in woods. Now, Amanda has decided to find more about her grandparents life in woods maybe in process she will get to met them. But, the question is will she get to meet her grandparents? Are the woods safe? Will she achieve her literary adventure?

This is the book that deep dives into your heart and stays there. What stays with us is how beautifully ‘The Miraculous Discovery In The Woods’ captures experience and messiness of life. It’s unpredictability and it’s inherent ineptness. The book is generous, authentic and smart. It made me feel many experiences.

The narration isn’t literary enough but the storyline will keep you hook. Though the book has few editing mistakes but the thrill in the storyline won’t let you mind it.

Ratings : 4/5

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