Book Review | Memorable Memoir | Mrityunjay


You know you just keep reading the book with that goofy grin that was me in the initial few pages of the book and then this beautiful emotional poetry broke my heart with the cruel reality of life.

Memorable Memoir is the miracle of book. It’s pure, unadulterated and a literary bliss. Because, ‘Memorable Memoir’ is just not about love its also about scars of struggles, taste of success, pain of heartbreak, struggles of life and the choices we make. Surely author Mrityunjay isn’t content to merely write about the heartbreak but also about the life struggles to always win and finish the line with flying colors. He begans with success and delight but then he embrace life reality and that foolish love which left us with scars of heartbreak. I ended this book with a profound ache.

This short, one sitting read about Mr Viren Verma. He’s like every other boy who goes to same struggles of JEE then college then love and then ofcourse heartbreak. This is the book which somehow we must felt related too.

Reading this book is too satisfying. I was smiley and sad and I just to read it all over again.

Ratings : 4.35/5

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