Book Review | One & half love story | Vishal Anand


Love is often said is a many splendored thing. In book ‘One & a half love story author ‘Vishal Anand’ offer us a deep dove into this splendor

First and foremost I love the book title. It do complete justice with the book. This is a book about Nimisha, Viraj and Shriya. Viraj is head over hells in love with Nimisha and Nimisha reverts back the same intensity of love everything perfect in their relationship, enters Shriya. A carefree girl like a wild horse unmindful of any damage due to her actions falls in love with Viraj. But which love will succeed?

Alike its title ‘One & a half love story’ is a sweet, enjoyable and moving book. There’s so much here that will stay with you and while it last you will have a smile on your face and that’s exactly this book demands.
The heart of the book is it’s characters. I love how author has executed Viraj, Nimisha and Shriya characters. They are fun, relatable and teach us alot. This is a modern day love story with a modern elements. Here’s misunderstanding, jealousy, all the ingredients of love are present. It’s no perfect but not aim to be one. The language is simple and narrative style is quite gripping.

All in all it’s an emotionally packed book!

Ratings : 4/5

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