Book Review | Rise of Runners | Paul C. Darden

‘Book Review’

‘Rise of Runners’ captures the life of young adult as he go through losing hope and heartbreak and learn that with great resilience and courage every obstacles can eventually be overcome if you keep running in life. While the blurb may seem basic or one dimensional, author ensures that he packs in quite a bit in these 42 pages short read. Actually, author makes a genuine attempt to narrate a story of young boy, Duante Elliot who stand on threshold of adulthood and faces the serious obstacles of life in such a young age where everything is in black and white. There are moments that startle you, not because the author present it in the exaggerated form, but because the sincerity in it’s messaging and this is what I absolutely love in the book.

Author wisely address the issue that deserves to be mentioned. Bully, racism, unethical medical practice, losing hope…. almost all the significant issues are maturely handled and presented. Nowhere do you feel too much is served in one go.
It’s a gripping story with crisp narration which will make readers curious.

On the whole, Rise of Runners is well intentioned and tackles revelant issues.

Ratings : 4/5

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