Book Review | Hang On : A Second Wind | Eshwarmurthy G Pillai


This is the book where cover and blurb says alot. A great, important lot.

Hang On : A Second Wind is a important book. It should be published in many different languages to reach every bit and pieces of India.
Book address the most important and alarming issue, ‘farmer’s suicide in India’.
India is a country where 50% of population is dependent on agriculture and every day 28 people dependent on farming die by suicide in India.

This is a story of Subodh, poor farmer who is drown in bank debt tries to commit suicide but saved by a little girl, Vanhi and that’s when Subodh realize his mistake and his new journey to help farmer’s begin. In this journey he received a great deal of support from Stephan Noronha.

In one conversation Stephan explains Subodh reason for so many farmer’s suicide,

‘The reason are many financial stress, bad debts, poverty and drought like what we are facing now’

‘At the same time, depression, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse are also some of the factors responsible for their dreams’.

‘The most important one for such death, is ofcourse the literacy level which is often ignored’.

Through Subodh the book also tries to give a solution to the drought.

The book is written in a fast paced manner. Language is easy and simple. The storyline engages you within few pages. It’s a must read.

Ratings : 5/5

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