Book Review | Mythological Monologues | Purba Chakraborty


This is my third book by Purba Chakraborty and among these three, ‘Mythological Monologues’ is definitely my favourite. Also because mythology is my favorite genre. I have read many books on mythology but reading something like these is very new to me. In these book author covers various mythological characters from leads to the least known. Each characters tells us about their feelings and almost justifying their action which maybe small but play big role in changing the scenarios in the form of poetry. How beautiful it sound and believe me it’s more beautiful to read.

This book will make you feel for each characters. I never ever give a thought to Gandhari, like who will think of her when you have Kunti and Draupadi in the same family. But, after reading about her in this book. I felt a great grief for her. After her so much sacrifices she still failed to protect her sons. She is regarded as a mother of villain but the mother is mother.

She is just one example. Their are so many characters in the book and each characters grief, feelings and emotions will shift something inside you. This book has colored all the characters in white, afterall they are just mere characters in the hand of destiny.

Ratings : 5/5

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