Book Review | The Extra In Ordinary | Ashutosh Marathe


‘The Extra In Ordinary’ is a book of many interconnected short stories inspired from author’s own life. Each stories tell us about different ordinary individual and how they are extraordinary. The one thing I really appreciated in this book is author not only describes that something extra in positive way, he equally describes the other side of the coin also, totally justifying human nature.

There’s a sense of discovery throughout the book, for the reader as well as the characters. This isn’t the book which will excite you, this is something which will give you a feeling of calmness. The book is about the people like you and me so it’s very relatable but still I found it difficult to completely engross in the book. Some stories are really good but in some the narration didn’t help much to keep the reader’s hook.

Language is for everyone and overall the book will teach you, you do not have to do extraordinary things to be extraordinary; it is enough that you do ordinary things differently. It is enough that you live life by a set of values, without following the herd. And you have to follow the same set of rules for yourself as you do for others. And, well “extra” is just an addition to the ordinary.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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